Christmas Ideas!

I’m a little bit tired of the “unprecedented” and “terrible year” lines that constantly bombard our consciousness this late in 2020, but it’s unavoidable in this day and age isn’t it! How ironic that one becomes tired of talking about the constant change. Perhaps it’s just the way we as British people are, we just want to talk about the weather, that’s about as much change as I can put up with on a day to day basis and not whether or not I can open the shop!

Nevertheless, one has to adapt, does one not? And in this unprece… I mean… oh nevermind.

So, Christmas soon approaches, and QT Toys has some great ideas for you and your family! I probably won’t go over many toys, but more of activities and things you can do together which I think we all need to do this time of the year. I’ll try and keep it short and snappy and the posts won’t be in any particular idea of preference, but rather just to cover some of the lesser well known, yet brilliant items that we have in stock!

So without further ado, let me suggest this first game Just One

Just One is a real dark horse party game, I read about it and the lack of “competition” put me off considerably because, well, I love to just win! Just One actually is a cooperative game which means that you are all playing together, and if you’re like me, don’t be put off!

The aim of the game is quite simple, one person (the guesser) picks a card which has 5 words on it, and then picks a word (by colour) which all the other players can see. The players then write down ONE word on their board, without consulting each other and without the guesser seeing, which they think relates to the word the guesser picked.

The catch? Any words the players write down which are the same must be erased and the guesser can only see the remaining words. So for example, if the guesser picks the word


And there are 4 other players, they might write down

Earl Grey

So when the players show each other their words the two players who wrote “English” must not show this to the guesser, who only sees the words Milk and Earl Grey.

The game ends after 13 rounds and you see how many you can, as a team, get right. It gets really fun because you end up writing words that are obscure out of total fear of the other players writing the same word as you which can lead to some surprising results!

Of course, the only problem with this game and our current situation is that it really is more fun if you have at least 4, maybe 5 players. So for larger families this is great, but if you are a family of 3, I probably wouldn’t recommend it!

You can buy the game here

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