Aerobie Medalist 175G


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AEROBIE MEDALIST: Aerobie Medalist 175g Ultimate flying disc is here! Competition spec 175g Frisbee is suitable for ultimate Frisbee as well as casual play with friends and family at the park, beach or garden.
ENGINEERED FOR FUN: Fun for the whole family, our discs, rings, boomers and Frisbees are the perfect activity for parties, playdates, and family time at the park; Great for kids to adults and all ages in between.
AERODYNAMIC ENGINEERING: The Medalist is designed to go long! This 10.75 inch (27cm) diamerter disc provides superior stability during flight and out performs the competition in windy conditions.
CONTOURED GRIP: Easy to hold and comfortable to catch during play, the Aerobie Medalist is designed to suit all skill level of players, without compromising it’s ultimate performance.
EXPERIENCE TRUE PERFORMANCE: For more than 30 years Aerobie has been producing the best performing, most advanced flying disc and rings in the world. Due to the brand’s supreme quality and innovation, Aerobie has become the world leader in performance flight sporting goods.
ULTIMATE GAME CHANGER: The Aerobie Medalist comes in a bright red with a glossy reflective graphic for enhanced visibility. Diameter = 10.75 inches (27 cm). A must have for a game of ultimate Frisbee.