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MINIATURE FORMAT – Discover the 360 Mini Flip XS format (less than 10cm) but ultra nervous, ideal for facing all obstacles
DRIVING ON 2 SIDES – Thanks to this double-sided system, it is possible to perform many tricks and drive the car in both directions! The Mini Flip crosses all obstacles and nothing stops it! If it flips over after a stunt or hits a wall, it continues to roll without a problem!
ULTRA FAST – Guaranteed speed with this small but super nervous car! Start a race at full speed, the car can reach 8 km/h; children can play with the car at a distance of 8 meters
INFRARED TECHNOLOGY – For indoor use. This radio frequency car is ready for new races, let’s go for adventure with a play time of 10 minutes; the vehicle recharges directly on the remote control via a cable supplied with the toy