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FAKE IT AND MAKE IT -a fun party game for adults and family that combines inventing funny answers with not getting caught. Can you convince the guesser your answer is the right one?
NO ANSWERS? NO PROBLEM: Some family board games are tricky, but here you get given the one correct answer and you invent the other (fake) answers so it’s a new board game that is perfect for all your friends and family.
DIVE IN: There’s something for everyone in this fast-thinking bluffing, push-your-luck, family game — creativity, trivia and even a little bit of sneakiness.
PLENTY MORE FISH IN THE SEA: It’s packed full of content making it the ideal board game for groups of people who want to dive in again and again.
QUICK TO LEARN EASY TO PLAY: A board game for families that’s easy to learn and quick to play. Spend less time worrying about the rules and more time focused on having fun.