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Stratego original is a classic game of battlefield strategy where everything depends on capturing the flag with this refreshed, nostalgic version, You can Head into battle straight away You are the commander in Chief. Your task is to take your opponents flag while defending your own. Plan a secret formation for your pieces – you have an army of 40 pieces of varying rank at your disposal. Make sure your opponent does not know how you have planned out your army to defend your flag. But you must also ensure that your formation provides opportunities for attack. Then the Strategic fight begins you need to probe your opponents strength, and if you feel your information is strong enough – then it’s time for a decisive attack Open the box and start playing instantly. The original pre-printed playing pieces don’t have to be stickered and for players new to strategic there is a training mission to help you get familiar with the rules and ranks of the game. game contents: 2 x 40 playing pieces, game board, screen, 2 sorting trays for the pieces, game rules including quick Start Guide and 2 training mission envelops.