Setting Up

Just follow the guide to be up and running!

Turn on plug 1.

Turn on plug 2 behind the amp

Finally turn on plug 3 next to the audio desk

Switch on the camera above the audio desk. Power button is the 0/I

Turn on the laptop (power button top right)

Password is either “projector” or “projector1”

Once laptop is on, check the monitors. If they are off, you have to go up to the right side of the monitor.

The light underneath is red

Press the INPUT button ONCE

Wait a second and it should come on

Do the same for the other screen

Back on the laptop, open OpenLP first. Vmix later.

This is what OpenLP looks like

The screens should show this

Next open Vmix

At the top, press the little down arrow next to “Open” and select the PTZ Settings

The screen should look like this

When ready, press the “record” button which is at the bottom left of the screen.

When you end recording, the files are in the “RECORDINGS FROM VMIX” folder on the desktop.

Then you upload to youtube. Or just leave it for next week.

When everything has been uploaded to youtube please shut down the laptop and turn off the switches 1,2 and 3. Do NOT touch any of the power buttons on any devices.

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