The Short Hype

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Is there a shortage of toys? What’s going on?

It’s always interesting, the relationship between the media and real life. If you ever dare venture into our store you probably wouldn’t notice anything amiss, but behind the scenes what is really happening? Will there be an issue coming into Christmas?

The short answer, is yes and no!

For sure there are issues with supply chains globally, and yes, we are experiencing delays in deliveries due to the HGV issue, but personally I do not feel it is as bad as how the media is playing it out, at least not in the toy industry. At the end of the day, the market speaks for itself, although sometimes that is not an acceptable answer to children who want one particular thing!!

The good thing is that there isn’t really a toy craze this year, there isn’t a key item that is the must have toy of 2021, unless something unpredicted happens in the next two months. Otherwise, rest assured!! We will definitely have stock leading into Christmas, and we always have a great selection of gifts and ideas that are not always your TV advertised product and that your whole family can enjoy! But yes, if there is a must have item that your child really wants, it probably might be a good idea to get it now, just in case 😛 (And yes I realise this entire paragraph just contradicted itself!)

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